Payroll slips processing

  • Monthly Time and Attendance;
  • Compensation and tax calculation;
  • Payroll ledger authentication and safekeeping;
  • Drafting F24 tax return form and relevant voluntary correction of tax return

Monthly/Quarterly/Yearly statements:

  • INAIL-related self-assessment taxes;
  • Drafting and data transmission of 770 form;
  • Reporting to the pertinent professional funds/supplementary social security;
  • UNIEMENS INPS taxes handling
  • Certification of labour compliance (DURC) handling
  • Redundancy fund and Redundancy Schemes
  • Drafting of employee or self-employed incomes form (CU)
  • Redaction and transmission of the form declaring the number of people with health conditions or impairments employed as per law 68/99
  • Handling of statistical and equal opportunities (“ISTAT” and “Pari Opportunità”) Statements
  • Calculation and print of “IRAP” statements and Activity Cluster Models (Studi Settore)