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I am looking for a Labor Consultant
HrProfessionals is the team you are looking for. An organization of professionals ready to offer INTEGRATED HR MANAGEMENT SERVICES. Since 1983, we’ve been always ready to support our clients thanks to our recurring updating.
I am a start-up and need to know the costs of labor
You are starting your own company and you to know the costs of labor. We are ready to provide you all the information that are needed to make an initial evaluation. We will find the best ranking for the roles you’ll need and we will always try to optimize the costs where tax breaks are available.
I need to hire someone
If you need to hire new employees, we can take care of it. We will proceed through an evaluation of the labor cost, of its suitable ranking and we will write the contract and send it to the pertinent authorities as per law requirements.
I am looking for tax breaks for a new hire
We can help you find out tax breaks suitable to your case and compliant to the national laws for the relation you need to set up.
When it becomes compulsory to hire a person with a disability?
By the Italian law 68/99 hiring a a person with a disability becomes compulsory for companies with more than 14 employees. Therefore, as the company will reach 15 employees has to look for a a person with a disability to employ. Did you reach that number? Get in touch with us, and we will help you and your company to become compliant to the Italian Law. We can take care of preparing a informative pamphlet, evaluating a contract or filing to be exonerated, and starting a recruitment process.
Do you need to start an apprenticeship?
The apprenticeship represents an opportunity for companies to select and train human resources before going through the definitive enrollment. It offers a chance to get to know and verify capabilities and competences. It also allows to optimize personnel costs for new job roles that are necessary for the company organization. By getting in touch with us, you will receive the support on the activation of the apprenticeship and its management. Our services include consultation regarding the pertaining regulations. And we will also get in touch with the pertaining Authorities and write the necessary documentation to finalize the process.
I am looking for a domestic worker, baby-sitter, care-taker
Our team is professionally ready and structured to help you with the evaluation of the hiring costs, the management of the working relation and the relations with the pertinent authorities. We can write the letter for hire, notify the pertinent authorities, produce the payroll slips and pre-prepare the quarterly payment for domestic worker taxes (MAV INPS).
I need to compile the LUL for my employees
HrProfessionals is organized in order to manage billable working days, monthly variations and all the other exceptions to compile the payroll slips of your personnel.
Are you experiencing some issues in managing your personnel?
Our team is ready to support you in an evaluation of your organization. We will be at your side, supporting you in the evaluation of proper corrective actions aiming to an optimization of labor costs and to finding the possible fitting tax relieves for new hires.
Do you need to get in touch with INAIL?
As qualified consultants, we get in touch with INALI and follow all the administrative procedures prescribed by laws and regulations. We will prepare and then notify of accidents to INAIL within the terms prescribed by law to avoid any possible administrative fines. We will also take care of the requests the DURC –  social security compliance and we will calculate and send the self-assesment for INAIL.
Do you need to get in touch with INPS?
As certified consultants, we are able to manage and support you in the relations with the Institution. Through the so called  cassetto previdenziale (tax box) we will verify the regularity of the company position as well as highlight possible debts to be settled, in order to gain the social security compliance – DURC.

We can also take care of sending the monthly declarations – Uniemens – as well as downloading the receipts and the monthly details as DM10.

Is it worth to join an inter-professional fund?
The Italian Legislation states that companies can join an inter-professional fund. Such operation is always advantageous for the company as it add no costs and allows the company to take advantage of free training programs. Get in touch with us, and we will lead you to the right funds pertaining your category and follow you through the application.
The retirement is approaching and you want to check your compliance?
We will take care of requesting your pension status statement (estratto conto previdenziale), we will verify that all the requisites are met and the date the retirement should start. We will simulate the amount that shall be paid and eventually we will take care of the request on your behalf to the Authority.
The date is near, and you need to have your tax form ready.
Whether you are en employee or a employer or you have your own VAT, we will help you out. Take an appointment with us and we will tell you what documentation you’ll need to bring us and we will take care of the proper actions.
I need to have Equivalent economic status indicator (ISEE) Statement
If you need your Equivalent economic status indicator (ISEE) Statement, come to us. We will compile it and will also take care of notifying the pertinent authorities. You will only need to set an appointment with us to gather the necessary documentation. We will take care of the rest.
I need to pay my IMU/Tasi taxes?
You need to pay your real-estate taxes but have no idea where to gather the information? Come to us and we will calculate for you the amounts.
Your employee decided to destine its TFR to a Complementary Pension Fund?
You will need to register your company to such fund and ensure that the periodic payments are properly settled. And we can take care of these operations, all you need to care of are the payments.

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